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2018 North Idaho Corey Symons Peninsula
2017 Walla Walla Jeff Reinland Tacoma
2016 Spokane Jeremy Groth Whatcom
2015 Clark Alex Kirk Edmonds
2014 Portland Tony Broadous Pierce
2013 Chemeketa David Abderhalden Edmonds
2012 Tacoma Carl Howell Chemeketa
2011 Peninsula Lance Von Vogt Pierce
2010 Clackamas Clif Wegner Lower Columbia
2009 Clackamas Clif Wegner Lower Columbia
2008 Yakima Valley Ray Funk Spokane
2007 Clackamas Clif Wegner Bellevue
2006 Highline Che Dawson Lower Columbia
2005 Lower Columbia Jim Roffler Pierce
2004 Lower Columbia Jim Roffler Mt. Hood
2003 Yakima Valley Scott Berry/ Eric Harper Green River
2002 Tacoma Carl Howell Big Bend
2001 Highline Jeff Albrecht Tacoma
2000 Spokane Sam Brasch Wenatchee Valley
1999 Chemeketa David Abderhalden Lane
1998 Highline Joe Callero Grays Harbor
1997 Highline Joe Callero Blue Mountain
1996 Wenatchee Valley Greg Franz Clark
1995 Clark Dave Waldow Everett
1994 Clackamas Royce Kiser Mt. Hood
1993 Bellevue Ernie Woods Edmonds
1992 Lane Jim Boutin Skagit Valley
1991 Chemeketa Rob Chavez Lower Columbia
1990 Columbia Basin Ed Weidenbach Bellevue
1989 Chemeketa Rob Chavez Umpqua
1988 Skagit Valley Dave Quall Columbia Basin
1987 Clackamas Royce Kiser Tacoma
1986 Tacoma Ron Billings Clark
1985 Edmonds Keith Kingsbury Skagit Valley
1984 Skagit Valley Dave Quall Grays Harbor
1983 Tacoma Ron Billings Centralia
1982 Tacoma Ron Billings Walla Walla
1981 Columbia Basin Frank Teverbaugh Grays Harbor
1980 Wenatchee Valley Bill Pandiani Columbia Basin
1979 Walla Walla Jim Sheele Spokane
1978 Walla Walla Jim Sheele Yakima Valley
1977 Seattle Central Al Hairston Yakima Valley
1976 Yakima Valley Ellwood Crosier Spokane
1975 Mt. Hood Herb Booth Spokane
1974 Tacoma Don Moseid Lower Columbia
1973 Mt. Hood Herb Booth Spokane Falls
1972 Columbia Basin Dick Hannan Seattle Central
1971 Tacoma Don Moseid Walla Walla
1970 Peninsula Jack Estes Lower Columbia
1969 Green River Bob Aubert Tacoma
1968 Bellevue Ernie Woods Green River
1967 Spokane Hank Coplen Columbia Basin
1966 Yakima Valley Ellwood Crosier Highline
1965 Columbia Basin Jim Rodgers Olympic
1964 Columbia Basin Jim Rodgers Grays Harbor
1963 Columbia Basin Jim Rodgers Olympic
1962 Columbia Basin Jim Rodgers Clark
1961 Columbia Basin Jim Rodgers Clark
1960 Olympic Phil Pesco Skagit Valley
1959 Columbia Basin Hank Coplen
1959 Everett Paul Blowers
1959 Skagit Valley Lowell Mikhelson
1959 Olympic Phil Pesco
1958 Columbia Basin Hank Coplen Yakima Valley & Everett
1957 Olympic Phil Pesco Yakima Valley
1956 Clark Skeet O'Connell Grays Harbor
1955 Clark Skeet O'Connell Grays Harbor
1954 Lower Columbia Claude Jones Grays Harbor & Everett
1953 Clark Skeet O'Connell Lower Columbia
1952 Grays Harbor Dan Melinkovich Yakima Valley
1951 Olympic Phil Pesco Skagit Valley
1950 Olympic Phil Pesco
1950 Skagit Valley Dave DuVall
1949 Olympic Phil Pesco Everett
1948 Everett Bill McLaughlin
1948 Olympic Gerald Cannon
1947 Clark Skeet O'Connell Everett

Oregon Community College Athetic Association

1964 Treasure Valley Carlyle Dean SW Oregon
1965 Treasure Valley Carlyle Dean SW Oregon
1966 Blue Mountain Jerry Mosby Central Oregon
1967 Treasure Valley Carlyle Dean Clatsop
1968 Treasure Valley Carlyle Dean Blue Mountain
1969 Mt. Hood Herb Booth Blue Mountain
1970 Blue Mountain Jerry Mosby Mt. Hood
1971 Mt. Hood Herb Booth SW Oregon
1972 Umpqua Cy Perkins Central Oregon
1973 Blue Mountain Jerry Mosby SW Oregon
1974 SW Oregon Chuck Francis Linn-Benton
1975 Lane Dale Bates Linn-Benton
1976 Lane Dale Bates Umpqua
1977 Central Oregon Glenn Kinney Linn-Benton
1978 Central Oregon Glenn Kinney  
1978 Lane Dale Bates  
1979 SW Oregon Terry Stahel Linn-Benton
1980 Chemeketa Rick Adelman  
1980 Mt. Hood Herb Booth  
1981 Chemeketa Rick Adelman Mt. Hood
1982 Chemeketa Rick Adelman  
1982 Mt. Hood Herb Booth  
1983 Lane Dale Bates Mt. Hood

The Oregon Community Colleges Athletic Association (OCCAA) merged with the NWAACC following the completion of the 1983 season.

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