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Day one of Tennis Championships complete - Bellevue has sights on both team titles

The 2015 NWAC Tennis Championships has completed the first day of competition. The Bellevue Bulldogs are looking for a sweep of the titles with athletes in each of the final events. 

Day 1 Results: MEN | WOMEN

Here are the match-ups for Saturday's finals:

Singles #1: Valentine Podgorny, BC vs. Naohisa Iwamoto, SVC
Singles #2: Shinya Maruyama, BC vs. Chad McKenzie, Spokane
Singles #3: Sam Bayna, BC vs. Jake Brown, TVCC
Singles #4: Josh Rasmus, BC vs. Domonick Aubrey, TVCC
Singles #5: Adam Owen, BC vs. Nick Edson, SVC
Singles #6: Sasha Savgira, BC vs. David Camarena, TVCC
Doubles #1: Bayna//Maruyama, BC vs. Iwamoto/Spada, SVC
Doubles #2: Podgorneyy/Savgira, BC vs. Brown/Cagle, TVCC
Doubles #3:  Owen/Rasmus, BC vs. Aubrey/Camarena, TVCC

Singles #1: Nadean Al-Ali, BC vs. Shaylyn Goodall, Spokane
Singles #2: Jessie Han, BC vs. Vanessa Adams, TVCC
Singles #3: Anna Lefebvre, BC vs. Aly Northrup, TVCC
Singles #4: Kristy Braunston, BC vs. Maddy McCardell, Spokane
Singles #5: Angela Moniaga, BC vs. Becky Nox, Spokane
Doubles #1: Han/Braunston, BC vs. Goodall/Mehn, Spokane
Doubles #2: Moniaga/Norton, BC vs. Northrup/Stutheit, TVCC
Doubles #3 - still in progress

Action resumes at 9am tomorrow at Spokane Falls Community College.


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