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Women's Under Armour Tennis Player of the Week - Week 5

Rinka Kawauchi Under Armour imageCLICK TO ENLARGE IMAGE


Rinka Kawauchi, Mito Commercial HS / Ibaraki, Japan has three consective wins over talented opponents from Highline and Bellevue including two previous Players of the Week.

"I'm so impressed with Rinka's ability to adapt to her opponents while staying true to her game," said Cardinal head coach Christa Spitler. "She has an amazing way of reaching tough balls and turning them to her favor, many times hitting winners on the run.  She has a very consistent game and is mentally positive when playing.  This gives her an edge that she uses to her advantage as well, choosing to look for solutions to a problem in her play and putting that solution into practice.  This has led to many long matches where Rinka perseveres and pulls off the win after coming back from a first set loss.  On top of all that, she has one of the best smiles and laughs off and on the court and is an absolute pleasure to coach. "


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