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Former Lane Titan XC and Track & Field Athletes Excell at Next Level

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Grady O'ConnorFormer Lane head coach of cross country and track and field, Grady O'Connor left a legacy of great success while he was leading the two programs to nine NWAC championships.

"The NWAC conference and the member schools provide an amazing service to our communities by providing opportunities for our student athletes to grow and showcase their athletic talents," said O'Connor. "It'll be exciting to follow all these former Titans as they continue to pursue their academic and athletic dreams."

Below are a list of current athletes that are still competing at the next level. The group represents 25 individual NWAC event champions, and over 50 junior college all-American certificates.

Joshua Rambert 2015 University of Oregon
Drew Russert 2016 University of Oregon
Austin Torres 2017 University of Oregon
Tristan James 2017 University of Oregon
Rashad Swank-Jones 2017 University of Oregon
Keenan Calhoun 2017 Sacramento State University
Elmer Shelevy 2017 Portland State University
Benjamin Kelly 2016 Iowa State University
Sean McGetrick 2014 BYU
Wyatt Thompson-Siporen 2017 Montana State University
Grant Shurtliff 2017 Eastern Washington University
Dakarai Hightower 2016 St. Augustine University
Nick Sieber 2017 Western Oregon University
Jeff Patterson 2016 Eastern Oregon University
Austin Cousineau 2016 Eastern Oregon University
Ben Harter 2016 Southern Oregon
Sam Nichols 2016 Concordia OR
Giovanni Brown 2016 Concordia OR
Kaelyn Byrum 2015 Concordia CA
Coleman Byrum 2015 Concordia CA
Paul Bentz 2013 Cal Poly Pomona
Elias Geydon 2012 Adams State University
Kylee O’Connor 2016 University of Oregon
Rubie Cordey 2016 University of Oregon
Danielle Girard 2017 University of Hawaii
Meg Jackson 2017 University of Hawaii
Marissa Taylor 2016 University of Washington
Simone Reynolds 2015 San Francisco State University
Ashley Walters 2017 Southern Oregon University
Taylor Knauss 2017 Southern Oregon University


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