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NWAACC Track and Field Athletes of the Week #5

Week 5—April 10, 2009

Spencer Head, Lane, Freshman
Meet: Willamette Invite
Event: 800m Mark: 1:53.79
Event: 1500m Mark: 3:59.39

Coach's Comments: Very strong marks. I’m excited to see this NWAACC 800m at the championships.
Another coach wrote, “Both marks are NWAACC leaders and he looked absolutely raw in the 1500 and will run much faster!!!!

Another coach commented, “ Spencer walked away from the Willamette Invitational with two personal bests and conference leading times in the 1500 and 800. Despite being a little disappointed with his performance in the 1500 Spencer bounced back with a nearly two second PR in the 800 in his first effort at that distance this season. He is big time talent and is very coachable. Look for big things the rest of the spring.

Spencer has demonstrated the qualities of a high caliber athlete and teammate since joining the team at Lane. He brings positive energy to each practice and is extremely easy to work with.

Chris Bellitt, Lane, Sophomore
Meet: Willamette Invitational
Event: Discus Mark: 148-07

Coach's comment: Placed second out of thirty athletes, leading the NWAACC, has been a consistent, steady performer.

Brittnee Sanchez, Spokane, Sophomore
Meet: UPS Shotwell Invite
Event: 5000 Mark: 17:47 Event: 800 Mark: 2:21

Coach's comments: The 5000 mark was a :35 second PR and leads the NWAACC by :70 and her 800 mark the next day was also a PR.

Another coach commented, “I was thoroughly impressed by how Brittnee ran in the 5000 at Willamette. I think she pr’ed by 42 seconds or something along those lines, which is basically ridiculous. I heard she said prior to the race she was going to break 18 for Coach Erik Anderson. She proved his influence and presence is still very prevalent.

Terra Schumacher, Mt. Hood, Sophomore
Meet: UPS Shotwell Invite

Event: Pole Vault Mark: 11’9.75 (3.60m)
Event: 100m Hurdles Mark: 15.80
Event: 4x100m Relay (3rd leg) Mark: 49.43
Event: 4x400m Relay (2nd leg) Mark: 4:07.75

Coach's comments: This is a school record and we anticipate her breaking it a couple more times this season. She had an awesome attempt at 12’1.50” (3.70m) where she cleared it but brushed it on the way down. Also, she tore up the 3rd leg of the 4x100m relay and ran strong in the 100m hurdles (almost falling about midway and still running sub 16).

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