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NWAACC Track and Field Athletes of the Week #9

Chris Stubbs, Lane, Freshman

Meet: Pacific Twlight
Event: 200 Mark: 21.52 Event: 100 Mark: 10.86

Coach's comments: Chris crushed his season best by over half a second. He claimed the current NWAACC’s leading 200m time. Also won his heat in the 100m easily. His first 100 of the year!

Deonta Edwards, Spokane, Sophomore

Meet: Pelleur
Event: HJ Mark: 6’9

Coach's comments: Took first place and beat some great jumpers from EWU, Univ. of Idaho and the NCAA D-III HJ champion from Whitworth.

Leah Twombly, Lane, Sophomore

Meet: Pacific Twilight
Event: 5K Mark: 18:24.27

Coach's comments: Leah placed second overall and was the top NWAACC finisher in a very competitive 5k with over 21 athletes.

Keisa Monterola, Clackamas, Freshman

Meet: Pacific Twilight
Event: PV Mark: 12’7

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