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Match Summary

2007-09-15 - at Green River

Green River def Skagit Valley (28-30,30-27,21-30,30-28,15-2)


KILLS (10 or more)
Gregory, Brianne (Green River), 17
Hills, Rachel (Skagit Valley), 17
Rousselle, Krystal (Skagit Valley), 16
Baker, Taryn (Green River), 13
Benya, Kandice (Green River), 12
Foley, Michelle (Green River), 10
Hagen, Kyle (Green River), 10

ASSISTS (10 or more)
Fister, Kyle (Green River), 51
Knecht, Kyle (Skagit Valley), 40

DIGS (10 or more)
Croghan, Kyle (Skagit Valley), 18
Brown, Kyle (Skagit Valley), 16
Knecht, Kyle (Skagit Valley), 15
Foley, Kyle (Green River), 10
Hagen, Kyle (Green River), 10
Fister, Kyle (Green River), 10

BLOCKS (3 or more)
Goforth, Kyle (Skagit Valley), 7
Gregory, Kyle (Green River), 3

ACES (3 or more)
Gregory, Kyle (Green River), 9
Hills, Kyle (Skagit Valley), 4