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Volleyball All-Stars Announced

NWAC Volleyball All-Stars were announced during the championship banquet Wednesday evening at the Tacoma Convention and Trade Center. Congratulations to the student-athletes and coaches who made the list!

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Most Valuable Player: Colby Barnette, So., MB, Olympic
Coach of the Year: Beth Donnelly, Olympic

First Team
Brylie Barnette, Fr., OH, Olympic
Kiana Calles, Fr., S, Skagit Valley
Danielle Chu, So.,MB, Olympic
Danielle Smullin, So., S, Bellevue
Ashlee Trane, So., S, Olympic
Kayley Watkins, So., OH, Bellevue

Second Team
Monica Postor, So., L, Shoreline
Sara Pulaski, So., L, Bellevue
M’Kailah Redden, So., MB, Shoreline
Kelcie Russell, So., MB, Bellevue
Carly Sims, So., OH, Edmonds
Natalia Sulantay, Fr., OH, Everett

Most Valuable Player: Bre Gibbons, So., OH, Clackamas
Coach of the Year: Kathie Woods, Clackamas

First Team
Katie Bentson, So., L, Linn-Benton
Paige Kelsey, So., S., Linn-Benton
Alex Martinez, So., L, Chemeketa
Hannah Olson, So., MB, Clackamas
Alyssa Sprague, So., L, SW Oregon
Sierra VeraCruz, So., L, Clackamas

Second Team
Marandah Boeder, Fr., MB, Chemeketa
Mariah Gladden, So., OH, Umpqua
Celena Maxwell, Sol, OH, Clackamas
Kiana Miller, So., L, Mt. Hood
Amber Parker, Fr., OH, Linn-Benton
Hayley Sturgeon, So., S/RS, SW Oregon

Most Valuable Player: Braylie Jeffers, Fr., MB, Tacoma         
Coach of the Year: Rachael Schurman, Tacoma

First Team
Ashtyn Bagby, So., S, Tacoma
Sojo Channel, Fr., L, Tacoma
Rochelle Middlebrooks, Fr., MB, Green River
Vanessa Muckerheide, So., MB, Clark
Danielle Tabor, So., OH, Highline
Alexandra Toth, So., S, Highline

Second Team
Faith Faamausili, Fr., MB, Green River
Shaina Gustafson, So., L, Lower Columbia
Jessica Markham, So., MB, Highline
Janessa Mast, Fr., OH, Clark
Tiana Reynolds, Fr., OH, Centralia
Taylin Smail, Fr., OH, Tacoma

Most Valuable Player: Sierra Linke, So, MB, Blue Mountain
Coach of the Year: Dave Baty, Blue Mountain

First Team
Amorelle Applin, Fr., MB, Blue Mountain
Kiendra Chester, So., RS, Walla Walla
Klaree Hobart, Fr., OH, Blue Mountain
Mikel Sydney, Fr., OH, Wenatchee Valley
Jacy Vining, So., OH, Spokane
Jenna Widman, So., MB, Spokane

Second Team
Erika Crawford, Fr., DS, Wenatchee Valley
Sam Odren, So., S, Blue Mountain
Brianna Mehling, So., S, Walla Walla
Emily Russell, So., S, Spokane
Korrie Stephenson, So., RS, Spokane
Chantelle Zamora, So., OH, Walla Walla

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